RESULTS: Virgin Money London Marathon & Pensford 10K

Well done to all Westbury Harriers racing today! Fantastic results from the Virgin Money London Marathon, the Virgin Money Giving Mini Marathon and, closer to home, the Pensford 10K.

Virgin Money London Marathon

David Fitzpatrick 02:34:43
Jason Miley 02:36:36
Robin Phillips 02:49:44
Nick Smart 02:51:35
Nick Faye 02:52:34
Ed Gould 02:57:40
Mitch Titley 03:13:41
Alex Miller 03:16:37
Nathaneal Ahearn 03:19:29
Richard Hughes 03:19:42
Patricia Robson 03:24:38
Shaun Howie 03:29:33
Nick Marshall 03:30:46
Margaret Goodwin 03:40:48
Mike Howie 03:55:47
Shirley Hume 03:55:59
Suneeta Sellers 03:58:25
Sandra Sforza 04:07:08
Tony Rudd 04:25:47
John Akrigg 04:29:24
Tim Carr 04:33:02
Hilary Carden 05:00:23

Virgin Money Giving Mini Marathon

Ellie and Hannah Hobbs had both been selected to represent the south west in the Virgin Money Giving Mini Marathon, and both were first south-west finishers!

Under 13 Girls
Ellie Hobbs 00:17:54 (9th)

Under 15 Girls
Hannah Hobbs 00:17:26 (11th)

Pensford 10K

Chris Beck 00:40:21 (1st MV40)
Jullian Bailey-Gard 00:41:13
Clive Attwood 00:44:35
Mike Mewse 00:45:43 (2nd MV60)
Carol Fee 00:55:52
Kay Ridgwell 00:56:20 (1st FV50)
Caroline Scapens 01:02:42

Awards Night Photos

Awards Night: Celebrating another year of success

A huge thank you to everyone who came to the awards evening on Monday night and, of course, congratulations to all our award winners!

There are so many successes to celebrate over the past year, not least a string of outstanding performances in the Gwent League. The talent has been particularly impressive among the junior girls, where novices Kate Howard and Ruby Saunders, who placed first and third overall respectively, led a team of six to victory over four fixtures in Bridgend, Cardiff, Brecon and Bristol. Not to be outdone by their younger club mates, Westbury’s under 17 girls team also went on to claim victory, with Ellie Leather taking gold ahead of Ella Brimble in bronze position.

Meanwhile, the under 13 girls team bagged silver in their age group, clocking some superb individual performances including those by Ellie Hobbs, who went on to place second in the Midlands Cross Country Championships and sixth in the National Cross Country Championships, narrowly missing Team GB qualification.

On the boys’ side, under 15 Aidan Noble also placed first overall in his age group, after a solid win in the final fixture of the season, on home turf at Blaise Castle.

Westbury’s senior cohort also finished the season with plenty of silverware to add to the club’s trophy cabinet, with teams placing second in the Senior Women, Vet 35 Women, and Vet 40 men categories. Notable individual placings included Catherine Lee (second Senior Woman), Pat Gallagher (third Vet 65 Women), and Tony Jeffries (second Vet 70 Men).

In addition to the Gwent League medals, members also picked up numerous other awards, including those that recognised the dedication and hard work of committee members and group leaders, and the Richard Bloss Personality of the Year award, in memory of former club member, Richard, who lost his brief battle with cancer two years ago.

Full listings of award and Gwent League medal winners are below – if you weren’t able to attend the awards night, don’t worry, we will get the award to you as soon as we can!


Richard Bloss Personality of the Year award Geraint Torrington
Committee award (for services to the club) Geraint Torrington
Club person (awarded in memory of Mike Parks) Sandra Bailey-Gard, Joe Connors, Smita Ghosh, Simon Johnston, Alex Ling, Isabel Smart
Peter Griffin Memorial Trophy Georgia Taylor
Coach and group leader awards Scott Campbell, Nick Elliott, Justin Grimwood, Alex Miller, Neil Miller, Marilyn Palmer, Kay Ridgwell, Geraint Torrington, Sarah Tucker
Club captain award  Kelly Winstone and Colin Johnson
Best newcomer Bryn Davies, Daniel Ewing, Alison Rogers, Ruby Saunders
Most improved Olivia Eskell, Alex Hamblin, Johan Hobbs, Bridget White
Reception Finn Goodhew, Tanaya Ghosh
Novices Alex Hayward, Kate Howard
Under 13 Greg Hayward, Ellie Hobbs
Under 15 Hannah Hobbs, Aidan Noble
Under 17 Ellie Leather, George Marshall
Under 20 Male Adam Wilson
Under 23 Female Katie Elliott
Seniors Oli Beale, Catherine Lee
Veterans Katie Hughes, Robin Phillips
Team of the year Under 17 Girls, Gwent League (Ella Brimble, Olivia Eskell, Emma Jones, Ellie Leather, Sophie Nash, Katie Perkin, Emma Taylor, Georgia Taylor, Emma Tomes)
Athletes of the year Ellie Hobbs, Aidan Noble


Champion (novice girls) Kate Howard
Third (novice girls) Ruby Saunders
Champion team (novice girls) Charlotte Bull, Amelia Honor, Kate Howard, Alexandra Ness, Eve Saunders, Ruby Saunders

Fourth (Under 13 girls) Rosie Hamilton-James
Runners-up team (Under 13 girls) Lalana Ghosh, Rosie Hamilton-James, Ellie Hobbs, Anne Jones, Charlotte Livesey, Isabel Smart

Champion (Under 15 boys) Aidan Noble

Champion (Under 17 girls) Ellie Leather
Third (Under 17 girls) Ella Brimble
Champion team (Under 17 girls) Ella Brimble, Emma Jones, Ellie Leather, Emma Taylor, Georgia Taylor

Second (Senior Women) Catherine Lee
Runners-up teams (Senior Women and Vet 35 Women) Lucy Bendan-Morgan, Anneke Bull, Fran Caroll, Tamsin Chick, Debbie Cleary, Jeni Cummins, Emma D’Alton, Sandra Dickens, Dot Fraser, Smita Ghosh, Jane Goodwin, Zoe Gould, Abi Hall, Lynsey Hall, Diana Heys, Katie Hughes, Svetlana Jones, Catherine Lee, Alex Ling, Nicola Ness, Eithne Noonan, Liz Pick, Kay Ridgwell, Alison Rogers, Beth Sergeant, Suneeta Sellars, Victoria Sloan, Lizzy Smith, Vicky Tester, Sarah Tucker, Bridget White, Kelly Winstone, Lucy Woodhams.

Runners-up team (Vet 40 men) Jullian Bailey-Gard (Snr), Chris Beck, Mike Clark, Simon Everington, Justin Grimwood, Mike Harris, David Hobbs, Robin Nash, Richard Noble, Robin Phillips, Ian Ruck, Nick Smart, Ian Smith, Geraint Torrington, Rick Wallis.

Third (Vet 65 Women) Pat Gallagher

Second (Vet 70 men) Tony Jeffries

Sheila Crump award (Volunteer of the Year) Phil Court

Mechanics of Running Hand-out Now Available

The hand-out from Monday's Mechanics of Running is now available on the website.  Simply log into the site, go to the 'Resources' tab, and view 'Dr Miller's Blog'.  Don't forget the follow-on practical Drills and Exercises for  Runners, on Thursday 14th May .

Get on the track

The sun is / was out so it must be time for track races!!

There are a couple of open meetings in the next couple of weeks that you may want to enter. The first is on 21st April (the day after the awards) and is held at the Kip Keino Stadium at Filton College (Wise Campus).

The event is open to all runners over the age of 9 right up to masters so the under 11’s will have a chance to see what it’s like to run on the track and if any parents fancy a go they can enter too!!

Your age group depends on your age as at the 1st September. So if you are 13 between now and the 1st September you will need to enter as an under 15.

See FiltonOpenMeetingApril2015 for timing information.

The 2nd race is held at Millfield School, Butleigh Road, Street, Somerset,  BA16 0YD on the 4th May. You can enter online at  and follow the links. The race is run with pacemakers and designed to help you get a PB so enter the race that is a few seconds (or more if you’re feeling good) faster than your current personal best. The pacemaker will run at a certain speed and as long as you stick with the pacemaker you should get a good time.

Reminders out for the next open meeting at Filton (12th May) closer to the time and if we find any more races for you we’ll let you know.

Don’t forget that if you want to compete on the track, you can do so for our partner club Yate AC without paying any more membership fees. You’ll have to fill in a membership form, but no payment for membership is necessary. Contact details for the relevant team managers can be found on their website  and some fixture information is also available

National 12 Stage Road Relays

Westbury's men took part in the National 12 Stage Road Relays at Sutton Park on Saturday, April 11th. The team had qualified by finishing 19th in the Midlands 12 Stage Road Relays two weeks ago.

The core of the Midlands team remained with some enforced last minute changes which always gives team managers last minute panic - Robin has even less hair now!

The format of the National 12 Stage Road Relays is slightly different to the Midlands equivalent as it alternates between a long and short stage whereas the Midlands has 4 long and 8 short legs.

The team performed well on the day with some improving their times from the Midlands and some taking part at a relays event for the first time.

The team finished 54th overall out of 67 teams.

54 Westbury Harriers 5:14:43

Dan Ewing (61) 32:17
Dom Taylor (60) 18:53
Nick Smart (55) 31:14
Geraint Torrington (62) 21:59
Robin Phillips (60) 33:31
Alex Hamblin (58) 18:24
Scott Campbell (56) 31:58
Steven Beardwell (56) 19:13
Chris Palmer (56) 33:10
Sean Lee (56) 20:25
Jullian Bailey Gard (55) 34:23
Chris Beck (55) 19:16

Richard Bloss Personality of the Year

The voting for the Richard Bloss Personality of the Year will close on midnight Sunday 12th April 2015.
There has been a technical problem with the poll which means it’s not active any more so if you want to vote, please do so by clicking on one of the following links. This will allow you to send an email with the person you want to vote for in the subject.

Tamsin Chick
Stuart Derby
Richard Hughes
Colin Johnson
Dave Perkins
Geraint Torrington
Kelly Winstone

If clicking on one of the links above does not work, please send an email to with your nominee in the subject.

If you’ve already voted, your vote is safe, it has not been lost, there is no need to vote again.