Where and when do we train?

Each week, we meet at the following times to train together:

We try to start as soon after 7 pm as possible, so please allow plenty of time to park and change beforehand. Parking is free, but the car parks can get busy, especially at Blaise Castle over the summer.

There are no formal training runs on Bank Holidays, but members do sometimes still get together for more informal sessions. Some members also meet at weekends to train together. Make sure you join our Facebook group - the best way to find out about impromptu training runs.

What’s the difference between the Monday and Thursday sessions?

On Mondays, we run for between 40 to 50 minutes in six  groups based on ability or speed (see more below).

On Thursdays, we run a speed or hill session. If you're new to running, don't worry, this isn't nearly so daunting as it sounds: we mix short, hard bursts of running with recovery intervals, a great way to add variety to your training while also getting quicker and stronger. For these sessions, we all train together (whatever our speed or ability) - it's a real team effort! We do a warm-up, followed by some technical drills and skills exercise to improve our agility, balance and co-ordination and then the session, with a cool-down and stretching afterwards. We try to train on the grass at Coombe Dingle where possible but in the wetter winter months we also use various loops in the local area.

What pace do we run at?

Every week, we have six groups that run at different paces. So, whether you’re a complete beginner (Group 6) or fast on your feet (Group 1), you’ll always have someone to train with.

Before each session, we will introduce the leader(s) of each group so you know who to follow. Of course, if you’re unsure what group you should run with, please just ask and we’ll do our best to match you with the right people.

All our group leaders have obtained their Leadership in Running Fitness Awards from UK Athletics. They will have planned a route before the session, and will look out for everyone during the run, often looping back between the faster and slower runners as needed. They will also make sure you warm up and cool down properly, and sometimes lead a short stretching session afterwards.

Of course, you don’t have to run with the same group each week. As you improve, you may find you want to challenge yourself more, and try a faster group. Or, if you’ve been ill or injured (or just want an easier run), you may choose to run with a slower group. What’s most important is that you choose the group most closely matched to the pace you want to run at on any particular week.

What should you wear?

You need to wear suitable running kit and proper running shoes.

Over the winter, it’s dark while we train, so please wear high-vis tops and accessories to make sure you are easily seen.

Over the summer, at Blaise Castle, we sometimes run off-road so you may want to bring along shoes with a little more grip than your usual road shoes, particularly if it’s rained recently.

Can you leave your kit somewhere while you run?

You can leave extra kit in the changing rooms at both Coombe Dingle and Blaise Castle, but we recommend that you don’t leave any valuables behind as the rooms aren’t locked while we run.

Can you try a session before deciding whether to join?

Yes, please do – we’d love to see you! If you have any questions before coming along to a training session, please get in touch. Please print this form, complete it and hand it in to the club official with the new member sign on your first training session.

How much do the sessions cost?

Your first three training sessions are free, then it’s £1 per session. Look out for one of our members who will be collect your money before you run, and ink-stamp your hand as proof of payment!

How much does membership cost?

Membership costs £39 for an adult or £76 for a family (two adults and two children). Find out more about how to join and the benefits of membership.