Where and when do we train?

Each week, we meet on Monday to train together between 7 and 8 pm.

From September to April, we meet at Coombe Dingle Sports Complex (our club house is on the left when you drive into the complex – not the large centre straight ahead).

From May to August, we meet at Blaise Castle (our club hut is by the children’s play area, next to Kings Weston Road).

We try to start as soon after 7 pm as possible so don’t leave it too late to get there!

What ages train with the reception group?

Our reception group includes girls and boys aged between 7 and 11. You will be split into one of three groups (yellow, orange and pink) with other children of similar ability. We cater for all abilities - the most important thing is that you are keen and want to improve your running!

If you’re 11 or older, you should try our junior group instead.

What happens during a typical session?

Each session involves a group run. In the winter, this is usually around the grounds of Coombe Dingle. Sometimes we run along local pavements too – it just depends on weather conditions and how many helpers are available. The session will also include some balance and co-ordination work and, after the run, we’ll do some basic stretching.

What do you need to wear?

You need to wear suitable clothes for running, with something warm to wear after training. If you come along regularly, we’d advise you wear proper running shoes. You will be given a high viz vest to correspond with the colour of the group you are running in. You must wear the vest or you will not be able to take part.

Over the summer, at Blaise Castle, we can get very muddy so don’t wear any of your favourite clothes, or anything too white – not if you want it to stay white anyway!

Can you join at any time of the year?

Sorry, but we only welcome newcomers on the first Monday of each school term. However, due to current high numbers of children we are only accepting new runners who are on our waiting list.  Our next new intake will now be in September 2017.  This is for safety reasons (adult to child ratio). Please contact Jayne, Reception Group Co-ordinator, at for further information

Do we train during the holidays?

No. We only meet during school terms, and don’t meet on Bank Holidays either.

Can you come and try a session before joining?

Of course, although your first visit will need to be on the first Monday of a school half term.  However, as advised above, we are only accepting new runners who are on our waiting list due to high numbers. Our next intake will be in September 2017.  But when you do come along, you will be asked to pay £5 for the six sessions of the half term, and will be expected to join Westbury Harriers before you come along for future terms

How much does it cost to join Westbury Harriers?

Membership costs £10.00 per year if you are under 11 on the 31st March 2018 and £24.00 if you are older. In addition to your membership fee, each term costs £5 for six sessions, payable on the first Monday of each half term. Find out more about how to join.

What else does your membership include?

As a paid-up member of Westbury Harriers, you’ll also be able to get discounts in local running shops such as Easy Runner, Sweatshop and Up and Running. Find out more about the benefits of membership.

What events will you be able to take part in?

If you’re nine or over, you’ll be able to run in the Gwent and Gloucestershire cross-country leagues during the winter.

In the summer, if you’re eight or over, you’ll be able to take part in the club’s multi-terrain TrustFord Westbury Wipeout at Blaise Castle.

If you are aged between 4 and 14 you can run at the weekly junior parkrun events. These are open to everyone so you don't have to be linked to our club. There is a junior parkrun every week on Sunday at 9 am at Little Stoke, and our club also supports the Kings Weston junior parkrun every Sunday at 10 am.

How do you find out more?

For more information about training with the reception group, please contact Jayne Pemble, Reception Group Co-Ordinator, at